It's All About the Database

by DL Keeshin

July 8, 2018


Sheep Backup

If you own a lap top that's just a few years old you may to want to consider replacing its’ current hard drive with a newer solid state drive (SSD). Cloning the drive and replacing it is a good backup strategy especially if you don’t regularly back up. It’s affordable, not hard to do and it can speed things up alot. Here’s an article detailing the steps. It looks like it works on older macs' as well.


Powershell Core 6.0

PowerShell , Microsoft’s task automation and configuration command-line shell and associated scripting language has moved beyond Windows.


SQL Server 2017

Speaking of moving beyond Windows, SQL Server 2017 now runs on Linux. If you’re looking to save some Windows server licenses fees and love Linux you may want to take a look.

Also, if you are slogging along installing large numbers of on-premises SQL Server database servers, you may want to look at automating the process.


Tour of Azure - Messaging Services

If you are a big fan as I am of asynchronous messaging , check out this tour of Azure messaging services.

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